streamlining payroll management and human resources

Pictogram of various devices is a web-based payroll management platform that simplifies and automates payroll processes that have traditionally been done manually. currently supports the market-leading salary calculation software Softkis SM3.
If you are using another software, please say – we'd be happy to make support your tooling. simplifies and significantly speeds up the communication with your clients

Allocate time and resources more efficiently

Traditional payroll management takes a lot of time, as it requires plenty of manual work and checking details.

With, the time used for payroll management can be reduced by 40%, allowing more payroll volume to be handled by a single fiduciary employee.

Serve your customers better

Your customers may have been able to digitalise their business processes efficiently, but they might still be forced to collect hours in separate files and send the required documents to you by email or fax.

With you can offer your customers added value by streamlining the payroll processes for internal data gathering and document transfer. The intuitive web-based platform is available for data input by the employees and the employer anywhere and at any time, on any device. can be customised further to your needs, helping you serve your customers even better.

Decrease the risk of manual errors

When payroll data is handled manually, there is always risk of human error. Eliminate payroll errors and manual spreadsheets by handling all steps of your payroll process in minimises manual steps through automation, taking manual work and human error out of the payroll process and thus ensuring that data is correct and unaltered.

Ensure your GDPR compliance

If documents with personal data are still being transferred between you and your client by non-encrypted email or fax, your payroll management processes are non-compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Transferring your data is secure with By hosting all sensitive data on secured and encrypted cloud storage, makes sure you comply with the GDPR by safekeeping all personal data.

Build on strong security standards optionally supports strong authentification using the FIDO2 / WebAuthn standard which is going to reshape the way authentication works on the Web by replacing insecure and hard to memorize passwords by hardware keys or simply the biometric chip in your mobile phone.

Strong authentication effectively mitigates the risks of phishing, replay attacks and all forms of password theft.

Offer your customers real added value

Discover what else has to offer. These are services that you'll be able to offer your clients and employees, to give them, and yourself, a real business advantage in today's digitial economy.

Cash Ledger

If you count among your clients those that maintain a cash-ledger, you’re probably accustomed to spreadsheets riddled with calculation errors and long evenings reconciliating their data into your accounting system.

With, you’re about to offer your customers a simple to use, integrated digital cash-ledger solution. Control accounts, validate and export their data in a format your accounting software is able to import effortlessly.


Detailed employee time-tracking is not just a nice-to-have for your clients anymore, with the recent ECJ ruling, it has become a necessity. offers an integrated time-tracking application designed for use on mobile phones that can be enabled and customized on a per-customer basis.


Make your new communication hub!

Next to payslips and remuneration certificates, knows how to handle and display value added tax (VAT) and income tax declarations, as well as invoices created by ELEA.

Don’t want to manually track the number of payslips you issued or the sick-leave periods you declared with the CCSS for invoicing? We got you covered with automated reporting exports to ELEA.

Self-organising document storage integrates transparently and seamlessly into your daily work processes.

Any documents you import are automatically categorized, analysed, and archived in a self-organizing, hierarchical file-structure on your dedicated storage server that can be easily integrated with your workstations. handles every aspect of the process, splitting, re-assembly per client and cost-centre, sensible storage and daily backups.

...and more

More functionality is already in development for and we’re also developing custom functionality and interfaces to third party software on request.

We’ll be happy to show you what’s planned during a product demonstration.

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