Time-tracking now more accessible

In this latest enhancement to paperless.lu, not only will you find the information available more easily, but you and your customers will also be able to manage and track employee hours more easily.

Time management

In order to improve the interface we have made changes to match your needs and those of your customers as closely as possible. We have introduced additional codes and bonuses for timesheets. This allows you to use up to 40 different codes to have paperless.lu match the specificities of your clients as closely as possible.

You can now find the “Kurono” project and time tracking features in a drop-down menu from the navigation bar (as shown in the picture below).

Adding time

From now on, company executives will be able to manually add time-tracking information for the desired project to the designated person. To do this, simply go to the Time Tracking tab and click on the small plus sign at the top right to bring up the dialogue as shown below.

In addition, employees will now be able to modify his or her own time entries, either via the mobile interface as shown in the picture below or by logging on to the desktop interface via his or her web browser. In the case an employee forgets to clock in, he or she can now add the hours directly via the interface.

In this context, we would just like to point out that all hours recorded in the time registration system are of course transferred to the timetable.

If you do not yet have the “Kurono” option (live time-tracking), please don’t hesitate to .

Double validation

Henceforth, we’re making it more difficult to make serious mistakes. When changing an employee’s role to “assistant” or “manager”, you will need to confirm this change now (see picture below). Once the change has been confirmed, existing managers will receive an email informing them of the new status granted to this person.

This double check will spare you from the embarrassing and potentially consequential mistake of having assigned an employee as a manager.

Always in an effort to present you with an increasingly coherent and complete ecosystem, stay tuned for the next article.

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